Legal Consultancy Department

Legal Consultancy Department is an administrative unit under the Rectorate and serves under the Secretariat General and Rectorate.

Presented below are the activities of the department which is located in the Rectorate building on Umuttepe Campus:

  • To protect the rights of the university in disagreements and disputes with the students and other persons and institutions at the judicial and administrative authorities,
  • To help the administration conduct the legal tasks of the university in accordance with the laws in force,
  • To provide legal advice to the Rectorate, Secretariat-General and all the other units of the university about legal, financial, administrative and punitive issues,
  • To pursue any kind of lawsuits and executive proceedings for or against the university at the judicial authorities,
  • To examine the legal and regularity compliance of the reports of investigation drawn up following the enquiries related to the university staff and students and fulfill the necessary procedures,
  • To help protocols, contracts and agreements to be made on behalf of the university be concluded without any legal controversy and in line with the interests of the university,
  • To provide legal advice about laws, rules and regulation drafts offered for consideration by the Rectorate,
  • To issue a written warning or a notice on behalf of the university; to respond notices issued to the university by the judicial and administrative jurisdiction authorities, execution offices and notary public,
  • To represent the Rectorate at the judicial authority and administrative jurisdiction, execution offices and official and private institutions and organizations,
  • To inspect the law, regulations, guidelines and other legislation and follow the latest developments,
  • To perform the other duties assigned by the Rectorate as prescribed in the legislation.
Av. Candan Özmat
Legal Consultant
Av. Sacit Öner
Av. Nilgün Zeytinci
Av. Feyzan BİLGİÇ
Aykut Yurttaş
Selda Bayraktar
Ömer Çapan
Name Surname Title/Position Phone Extension E-mail
Av.Candan ÖZMAT Legal Consultant +90 303 10 26 1026
Av.Sacit ÖNER Solicitor +90 303 10 29 1029
Av.Nilgün ZEYTİNCİ Solicitor +90 303 10 80 1080
Av.Feyzan BİLGİÇ Solicitor +90 303 10 48 1048
Aykut YURDDAŞ Officer +90 303 10 28 1028
Selda BAYRAKTAR Officer +90 303 10 27 1027
Ömer ÇAPAN Officer +90 303 10 28 1028