Kocaeli University Senate July 15 Announcement

The Senate of Kocaeli University convened with a special session regarding the anniversary of the treacherous coup attempt of July 15. In the meeting Prof. Dr. Sadettin HÜLAGÜ read the senate declaration in a press conference.

Below you can find his speech in the press conference and the Senate Announcement of Kocaeli University:

July 15 Press Release

Distinguished Press Members,

Distinguished Faculty Members of Our University,

First of all, I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to you for your valuable participation today on behalf of my university.

Distinguished Press Members,

On the approaching days of the anniversary of the treacherous attempt of July 15, the Senate of Kocaeli University convened with a special session.

At the meeting, the following decisions were taken, which I will inform you about in a short while, and a joint declaration was signed on behalf of our university. However, before reading our senate declaration, I would like to address with a few sentences.

Dear participants,

Our country and our nation have been through many hardships, and thanks to God, they have survived all of these difficult situations successfully. In our glorious history, as a black spot from time to time, traitors and scoundrels, who were trying to dominate the future of this Great Nation, were also present.

All of these traitors have inevitably received the punishment they deserve, so that they would not have the courage to do the same cowardice again, and they were destroyed with the power of our Great Nation and State.

However, there is a truth that should be stated, in thousands years of our history, there is no so such great treason as Fetullahist Terrorist Organization/Parallel State Structure (FETÖ/PDY). This terrorist organization has pointed the guns given to our glorious army supplied from the resources of our Great Nation to our police forces, soldiers and nation regardless of differentiating infants or old people and men or women. They bombed our Parliament, titled Gazi, which was administered by Great Leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal and his comrades in arms who rescued our nation and directed the National Struggle. They gave orders to Mehmetçik (literally Little Mehmet to refer to soldiers of our Great Army) and police to kill his own citizens. They structured in our state organizations with all dirty alliances. They tried to take down the elected government and change the legitimate constitutional order in a coward way. All of these and more were carried out by this terrorist organization and there is no other sample of this creepy organization in our history and I hope no such will ever exist in the future.

Distinguished Press Members,

Those who made this cowardice could not consider our Great Nation’s strong will that became steel in the anvil of history experience; his foresight that have been carried until today from ancient traditions; this character that would never bow down to bully man or scoundrel, his one of the most characteristic skills of getting organized really quickly against invasion, his altruism towards his homeland as iterated by Great Poet Mehmet Akif Ersoy “If my destiny is dying for my homeland, I welcome this destiny” and his passionate consideration of homeland as mother and state as father.

For thousands of years, in this land of the refuge of the oppressed and the victims, the children of this noble nation have preserved Islam and the truth. With the call of the elected President of the Republic Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, this nation showed his will and stopped treacherous plans of these scoundrels.

During the July 15 coup attempt, and afterwards, we have observed that, despite all the structure of this terrorist organization, our state with all of his elements has been in favor of the elected government and has protected the democracy.

Fortunately, Kocaeli University, where I have been in the office of Rectorate, fulfilled its own historical responsibility, and fearlessly exhibited all aspects of the stance against scoundrels from the first moment.

As Kocaeli University, with the sensitivity we have shown in this issue, we have been daring and determined with the courage and will to those who have the slightest ties with this terrorist organization in our institution. Within the scope of this struggle against this organization, we, in an institution that was funded by the resources of our Great Nation, continue our cooperation with legal and police forces and intelligence agency (MIT) so that no one who holds any grudge to our Nation can stay in this institution.

I would like to sincerely express that, while carrying out this process, we have made every effort to treat the rights and conditions recognized by the laws without ever leaving the limits. We believe that we have been successful about it.

We, as Kocaeli University

believe that in such circumstances, universities fulfill important duties. First of these duties is, without doubt, to continue to raise individuals whose mind, ideas and conscience are free without giving up the principles of our Republic. We can only fight permanently against terrorist organizations such as FETÖ/PDY and others by raising individuals in this way. Raising individuals who act in the light of the values of our Republic and of our democracy, without giving our minds and conscience to someone else, is the greatest shot to such organizations.

There is a fact that it is not enough to clean up the terrorist organizations like FETÖ/ PDY and others, which we have fought in an irresistible manner with great spirit of struggle, from the state structures. Because, the fight against these bloody terrorist organizations must continue without ceasing. These organizations cooperate with external outbreaks that try to hinder the development of our state and work as their local subcontractors. One moment of heedlessness will be abused without doubt.

Therefore, as Kocaeli University, no one should doubt that we will continue this struggle spirit without losing it. Nevertheless, it is essential to inform our citizens who do not get the opportunity of studying in a university.

We aim to look at the history, social conditions and consequences of the coups in Turkey from a scientific perspective at the 15 July Congress, which we will organize jointly with the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. I hope that after this conference, we will better understand and resolve such an important issue of Turkish Political Life.

The text which I will read to you shortly has been taken with the joint decision of Kocaeli University Senate and accepted by all our units. With this text, which was unanimously signed, I would like to state that our history is at such an important milestone, that we are with our Great Nation and State with all our presence.

Distinguished Members of the Press and the Turkish Nation:

This is the public announcement of Kocaeli University Rectorate, Senate and all of our faculty members, I offer with respect.

Kocaeli University Senate July 15 Announcement

The July 15 coup attempt is a treacherous rebellion against the State by a terrorist organization structured within the state that is unparalleled in the history of the Turkish Republic. Against this treacherous initiative, our Great Nation, with all its existence, preserved its state, its democracy, its freedom and its future and won a glorious victory and once again took his place in history.

In this process, Kocaeli University has demonstrated its determination with perseverance in the struggle that our new generation would be never targeted again by this type of organizations and illegal structures in the light of mind, science, morality and conscience. As has been before, after today, our university will continue to raise new generations who have free ideas and free conscience following the footsteps of the founder of our Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the Great Leader.

As Kocaeli University, we would like to emphasize that the struggle spirit will be kept alive permanently in our University against FETÖ/PDY and other terrorist organizations and evil groups within the legal framework, under the leadership initiated by Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of the Republic of Turkey, for the future of our homeland and state, for the welfare and happiness of our nation without compromising from basic rights and freedoms.

Our university is condemning humiliating attack towards our democracy with the same sensitivity today, as it was condemned harshly and with hatred before, by the terrorist organization of FETÖ/PDY which carried out a coup attempt one year ago against the will of our Great Nation.

On this occasion, we would like to express our gratitude to all our martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for independence and future, with mercy and blessing, with the wish of not to experience such treacherous attempts again.

Rectorate of Kocaeli University