About Us


To produce knowledge which shall contribute to entire mankind with the help of scientific research performed in the fields of health, society, culture, art, sports, economy and technology; to transmit and make use of the knowledge produced and raise personalities who;
       have respect for human rights,
       are free-minded,
       abide by the ethical values,
       are creative, constructive, operative;
to contribute to the formation of well-known brands which shall perform an industrial transformation with advanced technology with our shareholders by sustaining advanced education, training, research and development activities which are in harmony with the international modern education progress.


To be a university which has a grasp of information age, is known and visible.


  • To make sure that basic principles of Republic of Turkey which was founded by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and doctrines and revolutions of Atatürk are well protected and transferred to next generations,
  • To be modern, secular, democratic, and respectful to national values and human rights,
  • To abide by the universal principles of law,
  • To respect and serve everyone without any discrimination,
  • To abide by the ethical values,
  • To follow the scientific and technological developments,
  • To be in harmony and cooperation with internal and external shareholders,
  • To adopt quality and its supervision.